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phone ordered, not shipped

I ordered a phone online on January 2. It is now January 11. It has still not shipped and says the order is "under review". I want to cancel this order, I can't wait any longer without a phone. My old phone broke and I was expecting my new one to be shipped in 3-5 days as stated on the Koodo website. I think it is ridiculous to be charged $35 to purchase a phone in a Koodo physical location and would love that fee to be waived as I've been waiting over a week, with no update from Koodo, and having a very hard time getting anyone from customer service on the phone. It's very frustrating.

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What phone did you order? You'll have to contact the webstore to cancel an order. Contact info in the link below. It can take some time to contact the webstore.

thanks, i've been on hold over an hour today trying to cancel. really bad service.
If you post your order number here a rep might be able to speed up the process if they stop by.
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Hi @tave - I see that the order was initially under review due to a recent address change (our typical process for fraud prevention). I've shared the order info. with our web store team to investigate and provide an update. If all checks out, we should be able to expedite shipment. If that's not of interest and you'd still like to cancel your order, let me know, and I can pass that request along as well.
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FYI - order has been approved and will be shipped first thing next week.