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Phone Number Not Compatible with Koodo/Telus?

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I recently tried to help someone bring a phone number over from bell and put it onto their koodo account. The actual port process gave me some trouble so we put a temporary # on the line and then called bell to make sure that the number is going to be release without a problem. They released it no problem and said they would keep the account active for me till I contacted them to let them know that it had been transferred out. I then called koodo to get them to do the port for me and to make sure that it got into their system without a hitch I was then told there was a problem and they would look into it and get back too me. So long story short three days and countless phone calls later I was told that the number wasn't compatible with koodo or telus because they do not service the area (Oshawa) which they do. Does anybody have any idea as too why this would have happened? I've never encountered anything like this before. Thanks In Advance!

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What is the area code and the prefix -first 6 digits of the number?
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This may be a bounce-back from extended roaming. Mobile telcos are now obligated to share their coverage with other carriers at no cost to the consumer. So the concept of domestic roaming is basically broken now, and everyone gets extended coverage. The flip side of that coin is that they are not allowed to advertise that they now offer more coverage due only to sharing, and specifically if they don't offer native coverage in your area, they can't sell you service (more or less, if you boil down the legalese). No Telus/Koodo tower in your neck of the woods: they probably can't give you a number.
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Yes, I've seen this once or twice when I was at Mobile Shop in Uxbridge. They have similar issues with 905 area codes. Rogers services that area with home phone lines so they have 905 #s in their systems. Bell does too. They can't be ported to Telus/Koodo because they don't have the infrastructure for those local area codes.