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Phone is deactivated from network why?

Hi, My phone is deactivated or its a technical problem. My number is 647 447 3490. Please mail me ASAP. I dont have a phone to call you. Sachin

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You shouldn't be posting your phone # here as this is a public forum but we'll do some Troubleshooting for you regardless. What's wrong with the service? Are your bills up to date? Does the phone not connect, do you get an error message, does it say unregistered SIM, did it work earlier? We need to narrow it down. Sometimes just taking put the SIM and battery (if possible) will clear up small issues like that.
Jonathan Thanks for quick reply I dont know whenever I try to call its says "your phone is not activated on networlplease call client care for more information". I dont have tools to open this nexus 4 phone
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Has your service worked in another phone before this one? When did this start happening?
I called customer service they said its because of wrong billing.I am co coordinating with them. Thanks You