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Phone doesn't ring, call forwarded to Koodo's voicemail

Sometimes (once or twice a day) my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) doesn't ring when someone call me but (at the same time) my phone's signal is full. My call will be forwarded to Koodo's Voicemail. Why?! What should I do? And also my sister has this problem (Samsung Ace).

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Sometimes you can lose signal and get it back very fast, it could be that the call Came through when signal was lost. If it does keep doing it though maybe try a phone reset and see what happens, if that doesn't work I would contact Koodo for further help.
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If your phone is not busy and has full signal, it should not do this. If you see this behaviour consistently report to koodo tech support.
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It doesn't hurt to do a battery pull once a day. This helps keep the network connection fresh. Some may see this a big inconvenience , but it's just taking the battery out(with the cell phone on), waiting 1 minute, putting it back in and turning it on. It's like restarting a computer almost. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are inside, there may be something that is affecting the service. Koodo can't guarantee indoor service. If you don't have any issues when you're outside, this may be the cause. If you find that you can't receive calls no matter where you are, give Tech Support a call (*611 option 6) as it may be network related.
Problem with one landline phone in just one room at an airport...What could be the cause from this one area and this particular phone that sends a call directly to voicemail?