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Is it possible to turn in present phone and go back to previous phone ?

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If you've had the phone for less than 15 days then you should be able to just return it and get any Tab reversed or your money back. If not, then it's still possible, but you'll still have the new phone
What phone are you trying to return and what's your old phone?

Trying to return moto g and old phone is Samsung qwerty.
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As long as it's under 15 days, then sure, return the phone and get your old one reactivated for you. Now if it's over 15 days, you can do this change yourself online, but the Moto G is still yours to keep. Log into Self Serve and go to the Mobile Phone Tab. From there, go down to the bottom left corner. Should be an option for changing your hardware. Since your old phone probably doesn't have a SIM card, make sure you select that option in the instructions on the page.
Tried this. Got message incompatible new hardware. Any suggestions ?
correction, new hardware incompatible with old hardware message.