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People posting specific information

  • 15 November 2012
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I have notice on many posts that there is specific information posted, and many know that you should not do this because it is a public forum BUT there does not seem to be anywhere on these pages (once you are into the site), that states not to post specific information. Another idea that is similar, is that people should watch what they say because it is public. I can understand that people get upset at their phone not working, or even Koodo service, but the important thing is that you can say how you feel without typing in all caps, or with obscenities. Fortunately Koodo employees get on these problems as soon as possible and delete the post or the thread, but if it is posted after 9pm local time then agents cannot get at it until the following day - and do you want your kids reading the obscenities? or somebody taking down your phone number to make pranks calls. I ask everyone to remember that this is PUBLIC, and that everybody does have access to it - Please watch what is said. thank you

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4 replies

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Yes Dave, some experienced posters in this Public site are always warning posters not to post their private info, not all posters are aware of what they could endure if some evil people would do if they take advantage of those confidential personal information, from what I saw on previous posts 95% of posters are polite and discreet, the remaining 5% are posters that are getting mad at Koodo as a company not at freelance posters or at koodo official posters regarding their overbilled charges, this cannot be solved by posting their ordeal, they should confront Koodo CSR's because nobody will pullout their account to find out who's right and who's wrong except reps that work for Koodo.
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Hi Dave, thanks for your advices 🙂
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Hi Dave, thanks for your advices :)What also I noticed is that in some cases personal attacks are coming from posters directed personally to other posters, just let officials monitoring this forum to decide if yes or no the post is appropriate to be published, just stop judging others...
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Hi Dave, thanks for your advices :)There are also invisible mods who remove in the wee hours of the morning.