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Pen Centre St.Catharines doesn't represent Kodoos best interests

  • 31 August 2019
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Let's start from the beginning.
I had been with Telus for over 15 yrs and my wife, with Bell for almost 20. We had never had any pressing issues with them but we had decided to switch to one phone plan and were won over by the staff at the Dixie Value Mall in Mississauga, Ontario. That was back in March of this year.
It hasn't been 6 months and we already had to take the wife's phone in to get repaired (the screen and thumbprint didn't work making the phone inaccessible) and this had occurred overnight. She had gone to bed with it working fine and woke up to an unusable phone

So we decided to take the phone to the kiosk in The Pen Centre, St.Catharines, Ontario. The girl that helped us said that we could take the phone to another store in the mall and pay to see if they could retrieve any info off of her phone ( which puzzled us ). If someone can access it why can't the company that we got the phone from do so.

I've been paying $9 month for protection plan on the wifes phone from day one. When we filled out the paperwork to have the phone sent out and were given the loaner phone; that protection plan doesn't carry onto the loaner so if you accidentally break it or it craps out like my wife's phone did, you have to pay for the repairs. (Hmmm that's odd)

So the girl said the phone should be ready in 3-5 Business days. That being said the wife signed the paperwork and got the loaner phone (Because really what could happen in 3-5 business days).

Once we got home the Wife missed a call from Koodo. They didn't leave a message so the wife decided to call back. She got a hold of a sales rep (Who was very nice and pleasant). He confirmed the reason for the call was to let her know that they had her phone and it would be ready in 3-5 business days to get it back. He then transferred her over to a manager so she could just let them know that other phone companies have their protection plans carry over to the loaner phone if they are paying for it. We completely understood that Koodo doesn't offer this to its customers and tried to explain to the manager that it should be something to consider as we are customers just giving feedback on a perk for people who have protection plans. Instead of listening, she tried to argue the policy with the wife which wasn't being questioned and was rude and very argumentative for no reason.

So 6 business days later we found ourselves back at The Pen Centre and decided to go check in on the phones progress. We got to the kiosk and waited for the next available employee to help us and told him we turned in her phone for repairs and hadn't heard back yet. We hadn't even finished speaking to the individual when we were rudely interrupted from across the kiosk and asked "Did we call you?" which she would of known that they hadn't, if she didn't interrupt us while she was dealing with another customer. Then proceeded to say arrogantly "we'll call you"
The wife then stated that we were told 3-5 business days when we turned the phone in (and it's been over that). The girl then interrupted us again and told us that we were wrong and it 5-10 business days and that they would call. Then rudley turned her back on us as the wife tried to explain that koodo had even told her 3-5 days over the phone. The other employees there backed away from her and looked very uncomfortable with her attitude towards us, which made us think she was the manager and this happens often.
Not sure what her name is but she was a husky girl with short dark hair.

We left the mall feeling absolutely disgusted and regret with the service we had (Or should I say Haven't) received from this location. We were never treated with such disrespect from our previous providers in the many years that we were with them, then we had in the 6 months from koodo.

The wife sent a PM on Koodos FB page and after looking into our account Alexa told her that it has taken longer than usual to repair the phone and it will be sent back to the kiosk on Sept 3.

Now had the girl at the kiosk just "took the time" to pull up the info on the computer she could of told us the same thing and there wouldn't be any issues. Instead it seems teaching other employees the best way to represent the company is to be rude and uncaring towards the customer because who really does care. Koodo pays them either way.

Moral of all this is that Koodo should know how it's employees represent them to customers and potential clients to keep a high standard (5 star rating) and which locations perform poorly and why. Google rates this location 3.2 stars with 32% of the people giving one star and another 19% giving it less than 3.

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Thanks for sharing, I know for a fact that Koodo will see this post 🙂
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Hopefully this one employee doesn't leave you with a bad taste for everyone else at koodo.

Some of there staff are superb
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@John213 Thanks for your post we will definitely reach out the store manager and share your feedback and if needed provide the necessary coach=back.
Awesome, thank you