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Payments inquiry

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In response to Shaw-Hong Tsen on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10152318193213102&id=14750623101 hi, i have a question on payment....i paid my bill through my rbc online banking for two mouths....but i surprisingly found the bill is sitting at my account today....may i know why?is it the only way that pay by creditcard through the self service entry? ...how can i prove myself that i did transfer fund through online banking to my koodo account? many thanks....

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Did you provide the correct account number? You will need to double check with your bank on the information you provided them for the payment. If that's correct, then contact Koodo and request to speak to payment management.
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Paying by online banking is perfectly acceptable. Note that it may take a couple of days for Koodo top process the payment and for it to update in your self serve. ANother thing to check is to make sure your account number on your ebill is what you are using for your online banking.
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Double check the account # that the bank made the payment to. If it's not correct a payment investigation/reversal is needed to be done by the bank. If it is correct you may want to contact payment management or dial #227 on your handset to speak with them directly. If the moneys were transfered to the wrong account # assuming the account that the money was sent to was yours they can transfer your funds to the correct account.
hi thank you alll.....now i noted that i make a big mistake!!! the account i set for monthly payment was incorrect, not mine at all...i will consult RBC for solutions..thanks:)
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Shaw-Hong Tsen wrote:

hi thank you alll.....now i noted that i make a big mistake!!! the account i set for monthly paym...

Actually, if you can get the information you provided to your bank, you can call Koodo and let them know about the mix up and they can put the funds towards your account. It's a bit a process, but it can be done 🙂.