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Pakistan International 1000 minutes

, Please Add Pakistan in country list.  Here is big community want to get benefits from this koodo plan. 

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Pakistan telephone company would have to offer low enough connection fees for Koodo to add them to the list of calling countries.
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I posted a working solution here: link
There's a work-around. Do a web search on "free UK numbers". Then setup UK forwarding numbers to ring on your contacts' phone numbers in Pakistan. Save those UK numbers under your contacts in your smartphone. Add the 1,000 UK calling for $20 per month in self-serve. Call the UK numbers, they'll ring in Pakistan. Keep in mind that this is not limited to the UK. Several websites offer free UK forwarding numbers.
If you were fortunate to activate with Koodo last August/September, UK would be included. For now, UK is not included, but it is an available add-on.
There are few options that'll cost you as little as $20 CAD per month for 1,000 overseas minutes to such a range of destinations. For this to work, your provider (in this case Koodo) makes no distinction whether you're calling a landline, mobile or VOIP number in the UK. This would be as if someone from Pakistan had the same rate dialing a +1-416, +1-800, or even a +1-900 number to Canada. Many 3rd party carriers do have different rates depending on the prefix you are calling. Overseas home phone packages normally start at $20 USD per month or $30 CAD per month to get you this type of coverage.
If your call volume to Pakistan is low, Google Hangouts charges $0.07 CAD per minute, and Fongo charges the same (plus Fongo has a $0.04 per call connection fee).
Thank you so much for this great suggestion, i really appreciated. I visit mentioned link that have very useful tips in details. I will take benefit from it.

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