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overcharged - cannot speak to a Human for about 6 days now

  • 30 November 2022
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I cannot get through the useless auto chat to a real person for about 6 days now, they have missed the scheduled call backs, I have a new one for Friday but I doubt they will call me.

This is totally unacceptable, I understand it is black friday weekend/week and they are very busy but I want to call because I was overcharged.

Koodo/Telus has no excuse, they monopolize this country with the other big 2 and continuously show profits, put in a little extra effort during this time of year.


Just give me a number so I can at least stay on hold for 1 or 2 or 6 hours if needed.


The chat keeps telling me I can do stuff in my selfserve, but I cannot, I can't refund my overcharged bill.


The chat is great but when it doesn't work its completely useless as there is a disconnect with real service when needed. Prioritize your customers...

4 replies

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Could you share some details about where you see the overcharge, what it’s for, why you think it’s wrong, etc? 
If it indeed seems wrong we can flag a rep to assist you here.

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Hi Allan,


I would love to speak with a Koodo employee at this point rather than have to explain to several people my over charge shown on my bill.

I should be able to talk to customer service and not have to share my bill through a community chat.

The issue here should be focused on the point that I have been trying to contact Koodo for 6 days and it's proving to be impossible, this is my concern. Once I get a hold of a Koodo representative I discuss details about the over charge.



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Still cannot get through to Koodo... Not sure what qualifies me for "flagging down a rep" but apparently being a customer isn't sufficient.

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Finally got a hold of a Human 8 days later, got a credit for the over charge. But no compensation for effort or lost time that was beyond my control. Will be considering this experience with offers from competitors still out there.