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Outstanding Pixel 5 Orders

  • 17 December 2020
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Koodo has updated the promos on their website:  

- Google Pixel 4a with 5g is on sale ($0 Upfront $15/ month; the Tab bonus is now $405). The savings here are very similar to the promo Koodo was running on the Pixel 5 during the Black Friday sales.

- There is also a promotion on the Tab Mid Plans ($15/month). For $55 dollars you now get a 6 GB Data Bonus. (In comparison, I locked in with just a 2 GB Data Bonus during the Black Friday promos).

- If you are open to switching phone models, you may want to compare the specs between the Pixel 4a 5g vs. Pixel 5. They are very similar phones. Pixel 4a 5g still has a headphone jack which I think is a bonus! (Personally, I ordered the Pixel 5 because it’s slightly smaller and I use a sturdy case which makes the phone a bit more bulky).

- You may want to consider cancelling your online web-services order if you can secure a phone with your local Koodo franchise owner. There is a $45 connection fee but you might be able to walk out the store with a phone in your hands!

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You make good points!

Really comes down to 0.2in bigger screen, gorilla glass 3 vs 6, 6 vs 8GB of ram and a slightly smaller battery on the 4a 5g.

Here’s a full breakdown for anyone interested: