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Outstanding credit history required for sim-only plan?

My girlfriend just went to sign up for a sim-only plan and was rejected apparently due to 'poor credit history'. I haven't seen her history, but I have seen her approved for a car loan recently - which I'm pretty sure costs more than a few months of cell service.  What kind of credit is required when you're not actually borrowing anything from koodo on a sim-only plan?

I have excellent credit, and when I signed up with koodo on a sim-only plan, I wasn't informed that I would be put on a spending limit program with a $200 cap. When I tried adding a tab to my plan a couple of months later (around boxing day, when bonus offers were everywhere) I was told I couldn't get the phone I wanted due to my spending cap - unless I bought it outright.

Why is Koodo so tight with their offerings? It doesn't make sense that people with excellent ability to pay are denied access to the products this company offers.  Seems their anti-sales department is working overtime lately 😞

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This was a sore spot for me when I was a sales rep in the wireless industry (and even personally affected me when I originally signed up with Telus a few years ago). Your payment history with other telecommunications companies plays a part (if you've never signed up before they may put you on spending cap as a test), student loads can negatively affect your chances, the IDs you use actually plays a part in it, the store location you visit apparently has some impact (I'm dubious of that one), and so on. There's more to it than just your credit rating. I don't work in that field though, so maybe someone has some more insight on this.
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If she was straight up denied, not even offered a spending limit on a sim only act then she likely owes money to another wireless carrier, or has very little credit history to go on.
You actually are borrowing something.
You can rack up a crazy data bill of hundreds of dollars and the only thing you have to secure that debt is your credit rating.

It sucks but that's the only way they can keep themselves safe!
Yes, she still has a tab with Bell. She wants to move to Koodo, and pay off the Bell phone when that account is closed after she ports her number.