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Outright purchase, which one is it ?

  • 8 February 2013
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Ok, I know this question has been asked many times, but I think it is time that this becomes clear : Can you, as current customer of Koodo, purchase a phone outright WITHOUT using your tab and WITHOUT having to create a prepaid account. Here are the answers I have been getting : From official Koodo kiosk : -NO, you must use whatever tab you have to buy a phone outright. From customer service by phone : -NO, same as kiosk. From community : Yes, but some say going prepaid is a must for an outright purchase, others will say something else. But mostly, people in the community say yes. From third parties (Futureshop, Phonebooth, Walmarde) : All except the phonebooth will sell you the phone outright without signing up or using your tab. P.S. Please do not give your opinion, guessing is not useful for anyone, but personal experience is welcome and an official message from koodo would be nice also.

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3 replies

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I have bought a Nexus S full price outright from a kiosk. I was a customer though & I know if your not a customer then no you can't buy a phone outright from kiosks. I bought one from a future shop outright /full price & they didn't even ask if I was a customer of Koodo.
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As an existing customer: order the phone from the webstore. Before clicking add to cart, clear out the use tab box and put 0. Then click checkout. This will allow you to purchase the phone without using the tab. There is no requirement to use the tab, but you cannot purchase a phone without either having an account or signing up for one.
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Bought 2 phones from Self-Serve. I simply took the tab slider all the way down (0$ discount) and clicked "Add to cart". I then proceeded to pay full price even though I had available tab credit. Received phone 2-3 days later, both times.