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outdated samsung recharger needed

i have an old flip Samsung...the charger broke...and it is outdated so it is not made anymore....but it is the only phone suitable for riding and training horses all day...it is safe and durable and the new phones have slipped out of my pockets and broken...until they put phone pouches on saddles for bucking, racing, and breaking horses,,,,,i desperately need a recharger for this phone....where can I get one

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Any electronic oriented stores might have some compatible ones in stock. Only way to know is bringing your phone there and asking.
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Was it the old 430 Samsung? You can pick up a charge for about a one dollar on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-SCH-U430-Phone-Travel-Charger/dp/B001ILO9FC
I also suggest E-bay. I lost my Samsung flip phone and got an identical replacement on E-bay for$20. Lots of people are selling older phones and accessories cheap.
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Surplus stores as well as many "dollar" stores (the family-owned ones with items up to $20, lol), factorydirect.ca, ebay, Kijiji.
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If you post the actual model number of your samsung phone, I'm sure someone here will track down a replacement online in a few minutes.