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Ontario business lic number so I can report your fraudulent practices but if you contino refuse I will report you tose to operate on the r

You guys are thevies I pay online and yet you cut my phone off every month like clock work and you charge me reconnection fees . I have requested you Ontario business license number and you refuse so many can report this fraudulent activities that you are scamming ppl

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You can report Koodo to the CRTC

Here is the link
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Hey Albert! We will not suspend your service if your account is paid and there is no past due amount.  Are you paying the amount in full on time every month? Also, it can take 3-5 business days before Koodo receives your payment if you make it through online banking.  It's best to get in touch with our payment service team (#227) if you would like to report a payment in advance to avoid any suspension.  Hope this helps
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I pay through online banking every month, the day my bill goes live, and it tells me to pay before _____ this date. I pay it immediately or at least a week before that date, That way the payment has time to get to Koodo. If your paying through online backing the DAY your bill is due, that is why your being shut off. If your paying on time, or before the day your bill is due, Koodo CANNOT and WILL NOT disconnect you. I could see a 1 time error but not every month, There has to be more to the story! But please dont take this the wrong way, you have the right to complain to the CRTC if you wish! best of luck to you!