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Ongoing Issues with Inconsistent & poor signal in Longview, Alberta.

I would really appreciate some input. I live just north of Longview Alberta. The tower that provides our service/signal is less than 2 miles away as the crow flies in clear and unimpeded view of our home. We are on the top of one hill, it is on top of another directly across from us. One would assume that we should have no issues with our mobile service...but to the contrary. We consistently get "call failed", drop calls, incoming calls go directly to voicemail, texts do not recieve or send, data is s-l-o-w, our new phones (we got those because we thought it might help), my iPhone 5s and Nexus phone, both can show full bars, and with out moving the phone, drop to none. This has become such an issue that we spend $600.00 on a Wilson 5000sqft area, signal booster...it really hasn't helped enough to warrant the expense. It just seems like there isn't enough poer/signal to support the demand around here. If the services are offered, someone, whether it's Koodo or Telus...needs to provide better service so folks can get the service we pay for. I'd really appreciate any help I can get. I have two other neighbours who also also purchased signal boosters and are getting minimal improvement.

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How long has this been going on for?
Almost 4 years Jonathan, but the last year it has deteriorated even more...that's why we purchased the Wilson Signal Booster. One neighbour who lives right in Longview...almost under the tower providing the service bought a booster too...We don't have a land line because out here Telus land lines have been unreliable too. It's as if someone else taps into the signal and it's too weak to supply two users at once so it kicks one out...LOL!...actually, it's not funny....it's very frustrating.
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I would have tried another service provider within the first 2 weeks and claimed buyer's remorse. That's an awfully long time to go with poor signal in your house.
Well... this is where our tower is located... http://www.ertyu.org/steven_nikkel/cancellsites.html we are less than 2 miles north and on top of a hill directly north of this location...no physical impediments to the towers. As you can see, our alternatives are Rogers and "other"...no Bell. I used to have Rogers...they were even worse...that's why we changed to Koodo, who use Telus. It's not just poor signal in our house...it's standing outside in clear view of the tower. As I said before...it's as if the just isn't enough signal for the demand. Full bars one minute and without moving...no bars and "call failed"... We have new phones...they work just fine everywhere else...but home..:( If it's a problem with the signal and the demand...then Telus need to stop selling the service to folks out here until they can provide better service and the service we pay for.
So... How does this get looked into? ... Or does it? ... Or do Telus care that there are issues?
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Well we can notify a contact of ours about this issue but most of us are just customers here in our spare time trying to help out. Also, no carrier can guarantee indoor service so despite your best efforts with a signal booster, there's not much they can do right away. Sorry about your experiences so far. I'm actually with Telus and Koodo and the reception has been generally good anywhere I've been so far.
As is my service ... Everywhere else but here. There is a problem here in this area and it would be nice to fond out how to get it addressed. I already contacted Telus, was told I'd have to go through Koodo to have the complaint reported and addressed.... So that's what I am trying to do. If u know of any other avenues or options , I will be more than happy to take my issues to them. I will appreciate and take all the help I can get.