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Older customers should have the chance to receive the same deals new customers get for new tab phones

Older customers should have the chance to receive the same deals new customers get for new tab phones. Just saying because I've been with koodo for a while and its a great company. Very good reception and friendly staff that works at my location of Koodo. The deals Koodo brings out for new customers should be the same for older customers. For example: Iphone 4 was like $100 if you start a new tab. The older customers should be given a similar option like that.

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I agree. Me using a tab to get a new phone should get me the same bonus as someone new getting a new phone.
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Isn't that how it already is? All plans, features, phone are available for all customers, new or old... Unless you are referring to the.gift cards when Koodo offered those...
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Koodo has already experimented with this. All Tab redemptions done at The Mobile Shop for the tail end of February and a part of March got a minimum of $50 PC GC, more expensive phones even got $100. It was exclusive to us, and it was awesome. We even had custom sweatshirts that said "Your upgrade destination" with Telus and Koodo logos on each arm. I advertised it here and not many paid attention to it... maybe they'll do it again the future, who knows. The reason for the GC offers on new activations/lines on an account is because it's in incentive. It's an increase in profits for the company - an existing customer upgrading is still preferred instead of going somewhere else, but it's only continued revenue, not an increase.
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Oh, and to add to this: what's to stop someone from upgrading constantly to keep getting GC and then reselling the phones to make a profit?
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Hi Chetan, Thanks for the kind words! I understand where you're coming from. We usually offer.gift cards to new customers to give that extra incentive to join Koodo, but all of our plans are available to new and existing customers which we believe is more valuable.
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Mostly on Ebay & Kijjiji
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The example given is invalid, this is already the way it works. New customers get the iphone 4 for $100 on the tab because they have $150 of tab room available. Older customers get to use whatever tab they have available at any time. If you have less than $150 it's because you've already received your bonus, if you have more you're getting a better deal than the new customers.