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Older customers devalue?!

I have been with koodo for 6yrs+ and I signed up with the older plan and tab. 10% of your bill goes towards paying off the tab.

 Now I want to purchase a phone and they are telling me it doesn't matter whatever I signed up for the tab plan back then doesn't exist for anyone including older customers. NICE GOING KOODO! Wind has similar promotions it did a couple of yrs ago but with less tab. The older customers who got it back then still can use that tab allowance. Whereas koodo just doesn't care, older or new customer you are the same. Oh after the tab is paid off for the older clients, that 10% that would have gone toward being taken off your bill also doesn't exist for you. That's how you get treated for being an older client and clearly it seems to me that they have no use of you and are greedy at this point.

When asked for a promotion or offer for older customers, they gave me such a lot amount of credit that can't even buy the cheapest phone they have.Such a low low low amount.
Bye bye I am switching.

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Koodo practically sells the phones at cost. If they offered you any kind of discount, it was right out of their pockets. 
Yes the tab structure changed but in most cases it changed for the better.
The plans got reduced in price, and instead of paying koodo money for them to give it to you back in credit form, they just let you keep it.
All other carriers are the same price when you work it out.
If you already had credit built up you can still use that up to a max of 150 which was always the case.

Anyways, you are more than welcome to switch out of Koodo. But i encourage you to compare prices with other major canadian providers. I would personally advise against wind just because you will be back to koodo in no time once you get a taste of the poor reception and crawling speeds.
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And you can still keep your existing plan and add a phone on the TAB + $15/month to pay off the Tab over 24 months ( depending on the Phone you want )  

Although you should check the new Plans as they might be better than what you have.
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I think Mitchell has it right.

If you leave Koodo for Wind...........you will regret it.
 You would be going from eating steaks to hamburgers. (unless you're a vegetarian lol)
Seems like Wind might not be bad after all...