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  • 11 September 2013
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why does dropping your phone once damage the quality of the integrity? I dropped my Samsung Intensity 1 once and now it shuts off randomly. What gives?

10 replies

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I gotta believe you are joking, right? Otherwise we could all ask why bumping the car ahead of us damages our vehicle. 🙂
No, i'm not Chris. Is my phone a car? I don't think so. What are you trying to start here? Its just a question. If you don't like it, ignore it. Take care, buddy
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He is using an analogy. Comparing two similar situations using different objects of concern. The phone dropped so that could mean something inside the phone was damaged, hence the random shut off scenerio.
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Are you familiar with how dropping a laptop damages its integrity? Because it's the same principle.
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Lets not forget the intensity is a very very old phone as well. Electronics arent meant to last forever.
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If you drop anything that is not meant to be dropped, then I would expect the quality of the integrity to integrity to be damaged. Were you expecting that dropping an electronic device only once will not damage it? If so, then your expectations are unreasonable for these devices. Timo and Chris' analogies are right on the spot. I can give you another one. My alarm-clock/iphone-dock fell off my night stand onto the hardwood floor. I should not be surprised it it does not function to it original quality. As Ahmad said, age is also a factor. As a device ages and is used, it's quality gradually depreciates with wear & tear. If your phone stopped working even without dropping it, you should not be surprised.
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This is only speculation but if the phone is shutting off at seemingly random moments, it probably means the connection between your phone battery and the metallic contacts in the housing of the phone. If your battery no longer fits firmly into its housing, you might want to try and pad the battery with a folded piece of paper of some thin cardboard so that the battery pushes snuggly up against the contacts. Otherwise, you may want to try and determine what exactly it is that you do with the phone that will cause it to shut off (besides the fact that you dropped it). Does it always shut off when you use the camera, or open an app, etc...?
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This is only speculation but if the phone is shutting off at seemingly random moments, it probabl...+1
Quasarito, No, it does not shut off while using the camera, just while its on. It doesn't happen too often now, anyways. Yes, its quite an old phone, but it works well for what i need. Thanks for the great advice, quas.
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The thing about dropping the phone is that each drop is unique, as well as the build quality of said phone. I have a Lumia 520 that I bought to use as a fitness tracker/cycling computer. That thing has endured two pretty bad "drops" from hitting bumps at high speeds and flying out of the handlebar mount. The first drop resulted in no visible cosmetic damage and the second one produced a noticeable dent in the lower right corner of the battery cover (meaning that the phone landed on the corner which can often result in a cracked or shattered screen). The phone still works flawlessly. The great thing about this phone (a remnant from Nokia's glory days) is that the back cover and battery are designed to separate during impact, absorbing most of the force. I don't even keep this in a case. That being said, I can drop the phone 20 more times and it can still work. Or I can drop it once more and break it. Or someone else with the same phone can drop it once and break it. It's the "luck" of the draw.