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Number changed....still can't use phone . HELP!!

I recently applied online for a number change for my LG Banter (cdma) phone. All went okay, until I tried to send a text....I could not use my phone at all. I tried the instructions given for programming online, but was unsuccessful. I do not have a landline to call koodo from, as my cell is my only phone. How can I get my phone activated again?

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Hi there Juanita... this number change, was for a number that was active somewhere else that you are porting to Koodo? Or was it simply a number change for a random number? Meanwhile try to reprogram your cellphone by doing the following: On the handset, dial *22803 + send. Keep up posted...
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Any luck on the number situation, Juanita?
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If *22803 doesn't work, you will have to call koodo from another line since they'll need to walk you through manually programming the phone. The toll free number is 1-888-995-6636.
If the manual programming does not work, then it's a handset issue.