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I really miss my old phone number, it was unbelievably simple and I had it for a long time. I began on Sasktel, was forced to switch to Rogers and due to things out of my control, I was unable to transfer that number to Koodo when registering with Koodo. Is there any possible way to get that number back? I call it every once and a while to see if anyone has it yet and nobody does right now. I'm also unhappy with my current number because I receive constant phone calls and text messages from random people looking for numerous different identities. I know I can change it to one of the Koodo numbers (209, 450, 580 & 737) but I really prefer my old 550-number. If there's any possible way to regain that number, please let me know. Thanks.

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If the phone number wasn't originally owned by Koodo, which it wasn't, there is literally absolutely nothing Koodo can do for you. Sorry:(
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you could always change your number to something you liked better. I think you can do it right in self serve.