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Not so good Cutomer Policies

I had to order a new battery for my wife's phone as the old battery went dead. I used a Koodo kiosk in the shopping mall. They said they did not have a bettery on hand and would have to order it. They called me when the battery arrived and ask me to pick it up within ond day or they would give it to someone else. I told them my wife would pick it up. They said it had to be me as I am the one on the account. My wife has a cell phone on the account and yet she cannot conduct any business? How ridiculous!!! I like Koodo, but this stinks.

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@ Ron The way you described it sounds like you just have to make you wife an authorized user. It's pretty easy and stores can do it for you as well. Somebody actually submitted this idea and koodo has actually listened and change things. I don't get why a battery or any accessory would require you specifically to have it picked up. Your wife could go to the very same story and buy a cover for her phone no questions asked. Unless, the item is charged to your phone bill, which I don't think is doable there shouldn't be any issue. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/why_does_koodo_only_allow_account_holder_to_do_upgrade_when_all_other_carriers_allow_account_holder_to_assign_authorized
@Chris - completely agree with you. Especially when they told me they would keep it one day and then sell it to someone else. So why doesn't that other person need authorization. ...lol
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Ron Ebbing wrote:

@Chris - completely agree with you. Especially when they told me they would keep it one d...

Where was this store Ron?