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Not a Koodo Customer but getting Billed- How to Resolve?

  • 30 September 2022
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So months ago I had ordered a SIM Card to try Koodo. I never received it and never activated anything so I just let it go. Months later I see emails in my junk folder saying I will face credit issues and a Collection Agency is I don’t pay my phone bill. I have never activated nor approved a monthly phone plan… 

I checked the account I ordered the SIM card on via Self-serve and low an behold I have charges for a 0 minute call time, 0 texts and 0 data usage for almost 300$…

I have tried Koodo chat but there isn’t really an option for this situation. Tried several call backs and when I answer I get silence and then dial tone… 

tried a dial back today and chat says its too busy - how do i resolve this without speaking to a person.

glad I didn't go with Koodo this this experience has been horrid… Any suggestions are very welcome HELP




2 replies

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Hi @Robin M 

When ordering online, the sim card is activated before being shipped.

We have sent you a PM so we can further assist, feel free to check it out when you get the chance. 

Just an update for the community.

They have decided not to clear the charges and persue with a collection agency. I will have to get my lawyer and the CCTS involved at this point as I never received any product or service that justifies the costs. I attempted to contact them for 4 months and now they say I waited too long without cancelling anything.

No registered mail was sent just emails that went to my junk saying the sim card I purchased was activated and charges started. Little clearity was given as to how simply purchasing the SIM card agreed to ANY of this.