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No service or signal in my office but I had service for 6 motnhs prior?

No service all of a sudden in my office? - It has been a 2 weeks of not having any signal in my office, and I am getting really frustrated. It was fine for the last 6 months. Time to switch to a phone provider where I get decent coverage?

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Is anyone else using Telus/Koodo in your office?  Do they have coverage?
If they do, then it is your sim/phone.  If they don't, then it is the network and I would recommend switching to another provider that has coverage.  Find out which co-worker has coverage and go with that carrier
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Before uselessly tearing your shirt into ribbons over this, I suggest downloading a Mobile Signal app to actually see how strong your signal is and to check out the SIM. I like the one by ThinkSparks (Android). Walk around the office and see how the meter reads. If there is some local obstruction, changing service providers probably won't improve your service. Getting a co-worker on another network to do the same test could answer a lot of questions.

Keep in mind that Telus / Koodo / Bell / Virgin / Public Mobile essentially use the same towers so playing musical chairs with these providers will likely be a waste of time.