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No service... Happening often for a while.

Seems to have a lot of "no service" for a while. Happen to me from time to time. I have to put airplane mode on and of to regain service. I see some complain for that problem here for some time now. I will try to reset my nexus 4 to see if it helps, but for those that have this problem, use airplane mode to reset the radios.

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There might be a problem with your sim card and may need a new one. I would try calling technical support first. 1-866-995-6636
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Also be sure your network selection mode is set to automatic and not manual. Settings, wireless and networking, more, mobile network, network selection.
Network is set to automatic. I'm about half a km from the tower, and I'm usually full signal. But sometime, without even changing place, all my bars disappears for some time. Then, without doing anything, full signal again. When I have no service, turning airplane mode on and off reset the radios and I get full signal again. Phone and sim card are about 3 months old. I will try a factory reset and see if it helps. If not, I will check with koodo for some troubleshooting.
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Before you do the factory reset, set the network selection to manual and choose koodo. Keep it like that when you're home. See if that doesn't improve your experience.
I did try it too, but that did not change anything, except that I had a warning that was informing me that I have no service. It is like if the signal was becoming weaker and weaker until it cut. Then, if it is off for too long, then the radio goes to sleep anf forget to wake up...
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I agree with Ahmad Give support a call from another phone
I will try a factory reset first. If I still have problem, I will either call koodo or go to a kiosk. Thanks Anyway