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No service for the past 2 hours? Guelph, Ontario. April 21/2014.

Is anyone else not getting any service? When I run a scan for mobile networks even all I see is Rogers Wireless.

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Seems to be working now right after I posted this. My girlfriends service was down also but hers is back up now. Thanks whoever pulled the switch back on! 03:50 Update: Nevermind, it keeps going on/off 04:23 Update: Working now for the last half hour with no issue. 3-4 hour downtime.
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Let us know if it keeps happening. Also try while the phone is on to do a battery and SIM pull for a minute or so then put them back in and try it again. If your phone has LTE you can try to switch off LTE and just use the HSPA connection if it's not an outage at Koodo.