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No 'porting requires' option when I call Koodo?

Yesterday, I activated my Koodo prepaid phone with a Koodo rep. Today, I received a text message from Koodo that says : «To complete your request to move to Koodo Mobile, please call 1-866-99-KOODO ans select the 'porting inquires' option... ... From Koodo : You'll need to provide the correct ESN/MEID from your previous service provider. Thanks». But when I call Koodo, there is no 'porting requires' option. Am I deaf and not hearing it? What is the sequence of number I need to type on the keyboard to get to this option?

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I'd suggest contacting Koodo prepaid. You'll need the phone # and account # of your old provider to initiate the port request. Keep in mind your account needs to be active from your old provider in order for Koodo to take your #.
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Try pressing 0 at some point during the menu options. Eventually you'll get through to a person. Then explain to them what happened and they'll help you out.