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no pictures on my plan??

hey! the e-mail you just sent me said my plan currently includes unlimited messaging (text + picture??) ...I don't have nor can I get pictures/photo's on my phone either to send to someone or for them to send me??? whats up with that??

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You need to switch on data to send and receive picture messages (MMS), Cindi 🙂 If you need help to set it up, tell us what type of phone you have.
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David Stevens wrote:

iPhone s4

And you know that how? I don't see the OP tagging her post with that phone.
great service you offer but find it totally useless to respond (RudyW) if you can't resolve the issue- Sophia has a solution, hopefully and i thank her...If you want me to forward your original e-mail i can as obviously you seem confused?? sincerely, Cindi