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No Emails

  • 12 December 2020
  • 3 replies

My husband and I signed up on the same day for new contracts and phones. 
When my phone shipped I received emails with my shipping information, one with my customer service agreement, a self serve registration email, and an email explaining how to transfer my phone number. 

When my husbands shipped he only received the shipping email. 

Both of our phones have been delivered but we do not have the information to set up his phone. What would be our next step?


3 replies

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@TyRusso I believe this is your husband’s order # HFO28470998.

If it is pls ask him to send us a private message on Facebook,  explaining that he received the phone but it the line was not activated. They can authenticate his account and help out fixing the issue.

Thank you @Bernard Koodo  we have done that. Do you know approximately how long it will take for a response?

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@TyRusso Typically 4-6 hours, although given more regions shutting down due to Covid I know volumes have increased, they will try their best.