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No E bill

why did i not receive my ebill? I had to go on site 2 days late to find out when to be paid and how much?

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Do you have your account set to notify you with a text or email that your bills ready to view in self serve? If not go into your self serve account and go yo notifications and set it to notify you that your email bill is ready to be viewed in self serve.
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You do not receive your ebill via email. Your bill is ready for viewing 5 days after the end of your billing cycle.
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Hi Barry, It is normal that you are worried about your payments and bills, if you do what Paul said, setting up the notifications, you will be able to know when your bill is ready.... and also as Myke said, it takes some time after your cycle closes to have access to your bill, the system needs some time to produce it... A trick here could be, to Identify when your billing cycle closing date is, and then your DUE DATE will be 5 days prior to that... So if your billing cycle closes on the 15th of every month, your bill will be usually due on the 10th of the month... So then you will know that a payment needs to be done before the 10th...