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No coverage on Nokia purchased abroad

Anyone else not have local/regional Koodo coverage on a phone purchased abroad? I signed up w Koodo today, got a new SIM card, & have no coverage in Vancouver. London Drugs is a Koodo dealer, & the CSR tried for 20 minutes. The phone's a simple, reliable Nokia from either UK or India; it was working in both countries recently. Battery's ok, phone unlocked, etc. Appreciate any help, thanks much.

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Your phone is probably gsm based and not supported for the HSPA network that koodo is on. So your phone should work with fido/Rogers.
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Enter the imei number of the phone here: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo-step-1-c.shtml It'll tell you if your phone is compatible with the koodo network.
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Check Nokia Frequency, Koodo uses 850/1900 MHZ
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You asked if anyone else had the same experience, yes, me lol. Last year I purchased an Alcatel Touch in Europe and I can only use it with Rogers towers... and even then only on Edge speed. Now that my Rogers prepaid has expired, I just keep my oversees SIM in it and only use the phone when I travel to Europe. Lesson learned - the hard way 🙂 Sorry to hear you can't use your phone either though, J, no fun!