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No coverage in my apartment!

I just moved into a newly built apartment in Vancouver, BC and I do not have service within my apartment. The only way I can get service is to stand right next to a window. The cell coverage is high in that region. Why is this happening?

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Something in your apartment is blocking the signal. It could be any number of things. Koodo doesn't guarantee indoor service because of this (no provider does).
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Do you happen to live in a basement apartment? Marcus is correct but a basement apartment is the worst to use a cell phone in. I've been a dungeon troll long enough to know that 😛
I live on the 3rd floor of the apartment. What do you suggest I do about this? Should the apartment building company be responsible for ensuring connection?
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Shannon L wrote:

I live on the 3rd floor of the apartment. What do you suggest I do about this? Should the apar...

It could be your phone too. You could have 2 different phones in the same appartment with different signal strength eventhough they are on the same network. The apartment building will not really care, they will just tell you that it's the cellphone companies responsibility. If you have friends with koodo with different phones you could check first to make sure it's not yours that causing the less than greatconnection.
The more concrete in your building, the less signal you will have. You can purchase cell signal repeaters in areas where you have the best signalto extend them further indoors.
I live in a underground basement so thats pretty weird.. try doing a battery pull? and if not it could just be something off on the phone , I've lived on the 14th floor of an apartment and my LG Xenon worked on mobilicity just when it started, and trust me mobilicitys coverage is not great. ( reason why i am with koodo now )
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Your apartment could be facing in the opposite direction of the cell tower meaning that radio waves would have a difficult time of getting through several layers of concrete and then to your phone. The other issue is your proximity to the nearest cell tower and other buildings that may be blocking the signal.