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Nexus 5 - microphone + calls - help appreciated!

Nexus 5 --- screen goes to "sleep" during calls, and causes the microphone to not pick up sound. Do you think this is because reception from koodo is limited because I am not on a data plan? Should I bring it back ASAP? (new phone! for less than 12 hrs, any help appreciated) Thanks!

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Nope, that doesn't have anything to do with having a data plan or not. It's normal for the phone to go to sleep during a call, if you think the microphone is faulty I would definitely return it!
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Hi Anna, You can definitely return the phone if you think it may be defective. If you can demonstrate the problem to the rep, you should be able to do a straight exchange for the same device or the rep may discover a setting that was inadvertently set (doubtful, but you never know). Either way best to get the phone looked at. Whether you're on a data plan or not makes no difference in terms of signal reception. You may be located in a 'fringe' area where coverage may be limited or the phone may be defective to begin with. Get the phone checked out first.
Thanks for the replies! Before switching to this phone, my reception was always full bars in this location, but now it's only one. Do you think it's this specific phone? or the nexus 5 in general?
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I've heard that the reception on the Nexus 5 isn't spectacular but it shouldn't be that low if your service has been good before. It could be the phone or the SIM card. Ask the store you bought it from to try a new SIM card and if the issue persists, it could be a bad SIM reader or antenna in the phone. They'll just exchange it for you within 15 days.
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Another thing you might try is to activate the speaker phone function.