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New tab idea??

More phone price options besides the tab small, medium , and large. Have all handsets start at $0, and the customer can choose how expensive they want their tab to be. For example, the Samsung Galaxy 4 has a retail price of $700 , so the customer can pay $300 and the Koodo Mobile tab balance would be $400? This might make getting the phone less expensive , and give the customer more options of how they want their tab. This way the customer doesn't have to give money to get the phone on the tab unless they choose to?

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This won't happen. It's enough the TAB Large is 500. Koodo has the 24 month guarantee in place so having a larger tab would not work. Customers can choose the large tab and get 500 off the phone then choose one of the TAB Large plans. In a way, what your suggesting already exists.
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Tyler is correct! With the tab how they are currently as a consumer you can choose how much of the tab you want to use at the point of purchase. Small tab $150 off the phone Medium at $300 off the phone with a $5 tab charge or the Large tab with up to $500 off the phone $10 tab charge and Large tab plan. So what you stating above is already implemented.
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I seriously wish people would stop trying to get a phone for nothing. If you want an item, save up and pay for it. Nothing in this world is free.