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New Site Design Launched TOO SOON... Reactivate Old Site For Online Shopping!

The new Koodo site design looks great but launching it prematurely without a working shopping cart was a mistake. Koodo is losing sales by currently limiting people to in-store purchases. On top of that there are bad links (404 “page not found”) in Self Serve and switching back to the old design for certain functions is sloppy. Please give us an option to use the old site again! The new site LOOKS great but it isn’t ready yet in terms of functionality, especially since customers can't buy online.

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I totally get how you feel Chuck! And really appreciate your feedback. If we had a choice we would have wanted our online shopping function available at the same time of our new site launch. Technology sometimes doesn't co-operate well with what we want. 🙂 The old site (and the commerce platform) was end of life, so switching back is not an option. The team is working on getting the shopping cart functionality up, but it will take a while. That said the cart is fully functional, what one cannot do is check out and have the phone shipped to them. This is the main function people actually use. I can tell you that, historically, less than 2% of the people that place something in the cart actually check out. Most people just want to see how much things cost with taxes etc. then they got to the store to buy the phone. A cellphone is still very much a product people like to touch and feel and the vast majority of sales take place in 'bricks and mortar' stores. I hope that helps a bit. 🙂 Chuck, if you'd be awesome enough to post the broken links you found in self serve that would be helpful. We are fixing them as quick as possible. Thanks again!
Thanks for the detailed response Jeffrey. Shocked it is only 2% that buys online! The 404 is fixed in the place I remember getting one yesterday.