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New Phones for $0 Tab!

I'm not saying the phones are too expensive. I'm not saying that the plans are too expensive. I'm saying that the phones are too old. I know I could get a better phone if I invested more money. I just think that they should have some newer phones for the $0 plan. Now, not fancy iphones or extremely high tech smart phones. But something new, and a bit better of what they already have. This is just a suggestion, and I'm sorry if anyone is hurt, offended or depressed. Thank you

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I don't really see what else fits in their lineup. It's actually fairly varied right now, with a Motorola, an LG, a few Samsung, and even an HTC M8. Maybe add a Windows Phone or another mid range Android but as a value brand, Koodo's main customers generally aren't the high end type.
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Agreed with Jonathan. The current lineup is the best it's been in a long time, there's something for every budget. The only phone I'd like to see appear right now is the Moto E (hopefully for $100-$125) so they could get rid of the Discover and the Ace2X. EDIT: Well, the Discover is already gone, so there's that, lol!