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New phone troubles

just got a new phone Nexus 5 and am having problems connecting to my home wifi. I had it yesterday but no availability to koodoo cell tower. Took it back to store, they adjusted something and today I have no wifi! Is there a setting that I am missing. I reset phone, I toggled airplane on/off and I "forgot" original provider and then re-entered my correct password for home wifi. My home computer works so it is the phone. It gives an "authentication problem" with wifi symbol showing ? Can you help? Please!

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If you want to connect to your home wifi, there is no need to worry about Koodo tower. Did you try reboot your home wifi? Does any other devices connect to your home wifi? Can you connect to any other wifi network like Tim, Starbucks, library ...etc?
can't connect to home wifi even after rebooting. other devices connect at home -
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How about security on your router like WPA/wPA2...? And under the advance setting(tap 3dots), check your frequency band(auto), keep wifi on during sleep is checked.