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new phone but no bonus gift........

just upgraded my phone which was advertised as including $50.gift - but apparently only to new customers. I was considering leaving should this have not been a bonus.gift for those who stay as well????

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Honestly when I go to upgrade my phone I completely leave my old "contract" and start over just to get those bonuses. The only thing I lose is my phone number and 20 minutes.
Just to be clear here......I said I was sad not mad........enough about the fine print already, I was attracted to the phone because of the red tag beside it that said "$50.gift included". It was disappointing not to get it. Not many retail businesses can do this type of advertising, imagine going into a store to buy your second TV from them and find out that you can't have the sale price (or.gift) because you bought one from them before..........really??
Do you work for Koodo? I really know I should just leave this alone but........ ...I did not get an incentive.gift when I signed up ...I had a tab for a phone that I had to pay off before I got this new one. ...they changed my plan because there was a better and cheaper one out there ...my monthly bill is auto charged to my credit card they can charge the tab too if they had to, koodo is not at risk regardless of my credit standing
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When you originally signed up with Koodo (if you got a phone), you probably received some type of bonus.gift. The problem with offering all incentives to upgrades too is that the company would lose a ton of money. You already have an advantage because you're not forced to change your plan, so you may have a better deal than someone else who has to take in market plans. You also don't have to do a credit check to upgrade. Someone else might have bad credit and won't get approved so they can't even get a phone or service, but you'll basically always be eligible.
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I found out the same way. Koodo, is this in the works of getting re worded?
But I still felt robbed.Didn't have to upgrade but was drawn in by the incentive just to find out it didn't apply to me. Could have left and come back as a new customer.Tired of having to play the game to get what we should just be given.
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Because, as mentioned before, when I get a new phone, it is a new activation. Just on the same li..."on the same line" That means you are upgrading, and not doing a new activation. New activation = New line. New phone on an existing line = Upgrade.
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Because, as mentioned before, when I get a new phone, it is a new activation. Just on the same line, is all.
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This has come up before. The wording should really be changed
Yes, I know that........just saying koodo should want to.gift their current customers to keep them as well.
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If the fine print says it's for new activations then you're not entitled to the .gift on an upgrade.