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New phone

  • 20 February 2021
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I upgraded my phone and plan. My plan now is 50$ a month with 6gb of data because you guys have a promo. My old plan was 50$ with 4gb of data. I transferred all of my data from my old phone onto my new phone which used 3gb of my data. But it says 3gb is all of my data for this phone so it’s already maxed out somehow, but I upgraded to 6gb of data. I seem to be missing an extra 3gb of data. My old phone had 4gb of data so I don’t know where the loss of data is coming from. I’ve tried calling customer support and they won’t answer and I am starting to get very impatient 

1 reply

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It’s because your data is prorated. If you changed halfway through your billing cycle, you only get to use half of the data (etc). Next billing cycle you’ll have the full 6GB at your disposal.