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With the increase in mobile phone usage and users interested in getting their hands dirty with new phones, Koodo should offer a new phone ever year to users with a minimal price. Tab better change to loyality, you can leave Koodo any time but qualify for a new phone after satying with Koodo for atleast 12 months.

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Since a lot of the phones are already 150-200$ and since with a tab you've potentially got a 60+ dollar discount available by the time a year is up. I think you can pretty much pickup a new phone at a good discount at that point. In addition it takes almost as long as your tab for Koodo to recoup giving you the phone at a discount to begin with. IMHO I don't see this happening. On the other hand, Koodo has some pretty good sales from time to time. If you keep your eyes open you can snag a great deal.