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new koodo user coming aboard hear thier great provider

okay need a phone mine died, not wanting to spend alot to get going text/email main usage, but like something more then a bklackberry 8050 any advise how to start? not sure if going to store and use tab or hand in old phone etc

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One thing you might consider is call/visit your nearby kiosks to see what they have in the way of refurbished phones as these are not updated on the website so you might find something you like. Other than that, what is on the Koodo site is what is available. You can put any of those phones on whatever Tab you have accumulated so far. Also you can check for good deals on kijiji/craigslist
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You probably won't get anything of real value on trade, but it's never a bad idea to take your phone in (I prefer to sell mine on Kijiji). The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is probably your best fit for that type of usage. It'll be free on a Tab S (https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/blackberry/blackberry-curve-9320/prodKHBB9320.html). Another phone to consider is my favourite budget phone from Koodo, the Nokia Lumia 520. It's also $150, so it's free on a Tab S (https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/windows/nokia-lumia-520/prodKHNOKLUM520B.html). I bought that one outright as a backup device/fitness tracker/media player and I do not regret that purchase at all.
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Ivan wrote:

You probably won't get anything of real value on trade, but it's never a bad idea to take your ph...

It is probably one of the best $150 phones on the market, at least for Windows Phone. For Android it would be the Xperia J on Virgin.
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