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New Interface for the Website

Every time I visit Koodo, I feel that the website layout is due for an upgrade. Imagine typing "http://www.koodomobile.com" and after clicking the correct province, you are directed to page with black background and blue and green squares, each with a different link to various parts on the site. As you hover over the many squares that might say something like "Tab" or "Self-Serve", they will move to the side, revealing a quick description of what you're about to go into, or even better, a little preview of what is to be expected after clicking on said box. Ex: Imagine a square that reads TAB and while hovering it, the green box slides to the right uncovering a blue background which shows a list of all TAB agreements at Koodo. It doesn't have to be exactly as it is shown, but the layout could certainly benefit from an update.

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