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You used a visa debit. Isnt that considered the credit card?
I pulled the credit report from equitably system.koodo mobile is showing as line of credit and the mobile bill as credit limit
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Because you are a postpaid customer,and you had a Tab with Koodo. That type of category seems to be correct.

If you don't want a report that you have a Tab (loan with free interest from Koodo) you could pay it off.

If you don't want any trace of any phone carrier in your credit report,you could move to prepaid. However, having several interactions within your credit report will increase your credit score over all.

By the way,are you on the spending limit program from Koodo?
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On your credit report, there should be three categories, real estate accounts (mortgages), revolving account (credit cards, credit line), and other accounts (bills such as Koodo). My Koodo account shows in the 'other accounts' section since I am a monthly customer. if you are using a Visa debit to pay a prepaid account, this Visa debit could show in the revolving account sections since you do not technically have a 'Koodo account' as you must prepay before use. You should access and print your credit report yourself, this can often be done through online banking. If the account says 'Koodo' it should be easy to dispute that it is not a credit card. You can also contact the credit reporting agency directly to correct any errors. TransUnion is the usual credit reporting agency used in Canada.