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  • 20 November 2020
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I was curious about something. Best Buy has a $300 gift card if you get a lg Velvet with Koodo for new activations. Is there anyway I can take advantage of this great deal? My two year contract is up and I am looking at a new phone. Would I just switch providers? Or is there a way to stay with Koodo and still get the deal? Do I close my account and then activate a new one?

2 replies

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That promo is for new activations only. If you want to activate a new phone number or switch providers and come back to koodo that is up to you.


I was wondering the same thing, Today I went to BestBuy for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE it also has $300 gift card offer, and I am already using Koodo for last 2 years , though it is supposed to be for new activation, but I still got the $300 gift card it depends on the sale representative and how they deal with koodo associates , most probably they will agree because Bell is also giving the $300 gift card offer on the same phone so koodo will match that offer ; I am not sure about LG velvet though , I say try your luck if they refuse in one store then try at another branch.

Tip: go early in the morning other wise the line would be too long, It took me 2 hours to get the phone.

All the Best👍