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New account, received bill, but no service agreement or account #

  • 2 March 2021
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Set up an account for my son.   Received an Order # .. It got rejected because I wanted to pay it with my credit card but have the account in his name, it didn’t like that. 

So, I made a new order with his credit card. It went through, (Feb 17) no problems, Seemed ok bc it was not rejected like the other one was, and I received a new Order # .. which I wrote down but I cannot find a confirmation anywhere in my emails ..  The only emails I have received are the welcome & self serve setup instructions, and the bill for March.  No CSA, no shipping confirmation, and I can’t set up the self serve of course because I don’t have a Koodo phone number, just the last 3 digits of the account number on the bill which is Due March 12.

The Bot won’t let me have a callback because they are too busy. 

I suppose I have to talk to someone to fix this up? I owe for March and I haven’t got a Sim or even an actual account. Do you think maybe the reason it got messed up was the email address being the same as the rejected one. ..? 




Best answer by tracy.a 2 March 2021, 17:42

Ooooooo guess what I found it. 
SOOOORY!… jeez I shouldn’t get organized. Every time I get organized I lose sht. 

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Are you an exisiting koodo member but creating a new account? If so are you using the same email for both accounts? 


Are you ordering a phone or just the sim? 


(sorry this is so long I am just annoyingly detail oriented )

Myself and my son , 2 New customers. 
2 separate accounts , 2 separate email addresses .  Our own phones. I just happen to be the one set to them both up. 

I registered  mine no problem. I have all the required emails and my bill for March. Just waiting for the sim before I set anything up because I want to do the whole process at once so I don’t screw up the porting etc… so this is all fine. 

So when I set up my son’s, with his email address, I was hoping to put his 1st name for mailing addr and my 1st name for billing with my card#… (we have same mailing address and surname I just was planning to pay his on my card for now) . It was rejected because of the name discrepancy .

I did a new application with his name and his email address as before, but his MasterCard ... and I received a new order # which I have written down. Wasn’t rejected. And Iater received his link to set up self serve and his bill for March. So I was thinking all was fine. 

Since it’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t received a SIM yet for either of us, I checked the tracking. Mine should be here in 1-2 days, but his order#/ email combination is invalid. that’s when I looked at the emails he received and realized There was no confirmation or csa for his. 
But his bill is due March 12 with the last digits of an account # listed. 

I am thinking maybe there was some criss cross using the same email address for both the rejected appl and then the new reapply?


Ooooooo guess what I found it. 
SOOOORY!… jeez I shouldn’t get organized. Every time I get organized I lose sht.