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Network/ Unlocked phone

Hello! I'm looking to buy an unlocked phone on internet, I need to know what the koodo network is compatible with? (3G or only 4G)? Thanks!

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Hi Julie, if you're looking to buy an unlocked phone that will work on koodo you'll need to buy one that supports HSPA+ 850/1900 . 🙂
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Hi Julie, Koodo uses both HSPA and 4G LTE, what you would be looking for when getting an unlocked device is to make sure they run on the right frequencies. I've provided a thread on here so you know what the device should support in order to work on Koodo. https://c.getsatisfaction.com/koodo/topics/networks-k34f6 Hope that helps 🙂
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Hi Julie, When buying online, make sure you check the model number. Some devices come in several different models even though it's the same phone (i.e. different bands). I have a friend who purchased a LG G3 a few weeks ago and it turned out to be the European model (incompatible with Canadian LTE frequencies). If you wanted to post the phone you're looking to buy, I'm sure we can help double-check for you too. Cheers!