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Network Problems in Winnipeg MB area today ??

Anybody else experiencing problems in the Winnipeg area today? This has been going on all day so far (now almost 8:00PM). People trying to call me are going straight to voice mail -- I don't here my phone ringing. Also, when I try to call out, I get a display on my phone for about 10 seconds that it is dialling -- then suddenly I get a message "Call Ended". I keep trying and eventually I can call out, but only on third or fourth attempt. I even tried turning my phone on and off - but no difference. This is NOT a smart phone, just a simple Samsung feature phone on a regular monthly subscription if that matters. What the $%^&#$ is going on?

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Have you tried resetting your network settings? Although, there could be a problem in MB. Let's see if anyone else is getting this problem 🙂
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I'm in Winnipeg right now. I have been in Downtown most of today, Transcona, Main near Mountain St, and in St.Vital right now and I have no network issues. What area are you in? All I can recommend is a factory reset on your phone if it takes 3 or 4 tries for the call to connect.