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Negative experience from Koodo

  • 24 September 2015
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My name is Nohid Sherogho I have acct with koodo for more than 7 years.I reffered 3 of my friend to Koodo.recently i have 3 number under my acct.When i tried to bring my sister to Koodo because she was new to Canada.Koodo was advising me to add her to my acct because she doesnt have proper ID yet.They said once she recieve her proper id she should be able to transfer her acct and num to her name.Nobody mentioned to me that the tab balance should be paid off as well as she needs to pay $25 extra.after 3 months i phoned koodo to do the transfer after waiting almost one hr finaly i spoke with one of the representative almost spent 3 hours of my time everything was going thru at the end he advised me he is not able to complete the transaction because the full balance is not paid off.I asked him to connect me to one of their superadvisor he said they are closed now they will call me tomorrow.Nobody called me waste of my 3 hours on the phone with them.Really thinking of switching my company to rogers.

3 replies

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The tab balance is transferred with the phone line. It's the bill that needs to be paid in full before you can do a transfer of ownership.
Thanks for your response but my bill is paid off they said the tab balance needs to be paid offf.
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Hi Nohid! A credit check is performed once a new customer wants to sign up with Koodo which determines the tab eligibility.   In this case, it seems that your friend is not eligible for the tab balance, which is why you would need to pay off your tab balance before proceeding with the transfer.  Were you able to get back in touch with us?  Let us know!