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Needing a mistake dealt with

  • 23 November 2021
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I was directed here by my TELUS rep.  My 14 year daughter accidentally approved extra data and I have been billed.  She is not authorized to do this and does not oversee any billings associated with this account.  I immediately sent notification stating that I did not authorize this change when I received the email notification last night.  I was not able to get hold of a koodu rep until this morning.  I was told they would not correct this mistake.  I went into my my Telus store who told me this doesn't seem correct in terms of how the Koodu rep handled this.  How does this mistake get corrected given that I have been immediate about my notification to koodu about the issue.  And how do I ensure that my teenage daughter cannot change any aspect of the plan that I am paying for?  Respectfully, 

4 replies

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So, you are the account owner and can access to self serve, correct?

Can you check your data setting through self serve? It looks like this.

You can see  "Permission" and you can set it up  as "No" for your daughter.                     



Was this setting set right before?  You mentioned that you have been billi for data, but have you talk to your daughter about her dara usage? ( My kids used pay for it- deducted from their allowance).  

You were told by a rep that they would not correct this mistake. Did they suggest how to prevent this may happen again, or any partial credit if this happened first time?

I would contact them again and ask for some credit for first time mistake...



Thanks so much.  When we initially set up her phone account,  we specified that she have no ability to change the plan.  Obviously that detail got missed!  It was very frustrating that in spite of my immediate response to the news of data add-on that Koodu wouldn’t reverse charges or issue a credit.  I could understand if we waited on reaching out but I started dialogue within minutes of getting the notification that the account had been incorrectly changed.  My daughter is aware of the data limit and is upset because she feels lured into a request that she didn’t even know she responded to.  It’s too bad, that Koodu may get a whopping 17$ from me over this but lose me as a long term customer when it comes to renewing a plan.  Wish they understood customer service better.  I appreciate your suggestions.

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My daughter is aware of the data limit and is upset because she feels lured into a request that she didn’t even know she responded to.

You have to specifically reply to the text message sent to you that very clearly spells out the costs associated with each of the options so it’s hard to say that a mistake was made with the top-up as its fairly clear as to what is happening when you reply to the text.


In saying all of that though, if customer service won’t do anything for you, I would go back to the store in which you got this set up at and get them to contact customer service on your behalf as they were the ones who should have applied this block and failed to do so for you. A store rep calling in has a little more power than a customer, especially in a situation like this where they are partially to blame. No guarantees of course but that may be your best option at this point.

Thank you.  When we look at her phone we can't find any trail of her replying or any communication but honestly, who knows when it comes to her clicking on links.. And I did go back to the store that set us up and they actually directed us to this community page to try and reach out..it was a Telus store and they said they have no connection with the Koodu billing people..I’m just so surprised at how rigid Koodu was with their knee-jerk response ..If we were responding weeks into the notification I’d understand but we responded minutes after the mistake was seen!  Anyway, I’m not fussed about 17.00 but will start researching other options for her plan going forward..Thank you for your feedback.