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Need to restrict incoming and *Outgoing* calls.

My step father has a cell phone, and enjoys calling his kids. However he also calls people he shouldn't in his less lucid moments. We are looking for a cell phone plan that we can disable all calls except between his phone and his kids/grandkids etc. About 20 numbers in all. No incoming no outgoing calls except to that list. Is this possible?

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Hi there, Unfortunately Koodo doesn't offer a plan or service that can restrict a phone from being able to make outgoing calls to a select few numbers or receiving calls from those numbers as well. There are apps available that can restrict incoming calls from certain numbers but as far as plans are concerned, no sadly. Hope this helps
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Most phones include something called FDN (fixed dialing numbers) which is a list that can be dialed from the device. Usually a password is set and the device requires this password to call any number outside this list. When you're choosing a device, look for this feature under call settings. The Nokia Lumia 635 has this feature as an example

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To expand a little further, incoming calls are not affected by FDN mode. To enable FDN on your phone, you'll have to enter your PIN2 number, as Chad mentioned. The PIN2 number is individual to each SIM card and provided by the service provider. You'll need to contact Koodo (*611) in order to obtain the PIN2 number. The PIN2 number is a security measure, preventing unauthorised users from editing or disabling the FDN list. Also, 911 calls are unaffected when the phone is in FDN mode.
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This is what I love about the Koodo community, you learn something new everyday, I really like technology and this place really helps me learn more and more all the time. Especially with what you guys mentioned above ^ that's something I never knew about.